Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maryland Moves Forward With State-Run Health Exchanges

Marylanders take note!  The U.S. Supreme Court may not decide until June what it's going to do with President Obama's signature Affordable Care Act, but our Governor Martin O'Malley is committed to the Act's overall concept.  Maryland legislators and the Governor have decided to move ahead with plans to initiate the Maryland Health Insurance Exchange even if the Supreme Court overturns the entire act!  How's that for dedication to a principle?

O'Malley plans to have his administration ready to initiate coverage under the Maryland Health Insurance Exchange sometime in late 2013.  O'Malley is dedicated to the change envisioned by The Affordable Care Act because they mean changes for the better in health care coverage and in the competitive ability of employers.  O'Malley believes that Maryland is recognized as a leader in the health reform movement as a result of the state's efforts to build the Maryland Health Insurance Exchange. He would like to see Maryland's state-run program as a model for other states.

O'Malley also promised that if the Supreme Court's action means that the change in health coverage will be on a state-by-state basis going forward, then Marylanders can expect to see the state in the forefront of those entering into partnership agreements with the federal government.  His first choice is for the entire country to tackle reform but he is prepared to lead Maryland into the future even if the Supreme Court strikes the entire act down.  A man of principle indeed!

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