Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tracking the Health Care Reform Debate - 2012

Good morning, everyone and a belated Happy New Year!

With the kerfuffle that is the current Republican primary and Congress' on-going flap over payroll taxes, I was afraid that we had lost the national discussion on the health care reform debate.  Until this morning, that is.  The big news this morning is that the Obama Administration's Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed it's brief in the U. S. Supreme Court case Health and Human Services v. Florida.  Not surprisingly, DOJ is defending the Administration's position that the Affordable Care Act's minimum coverage provisions (also known as the individual mandate) is constitutional on two grounds:  (1)  Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce and (2) Congress' power to tax.  For those of you eager for updates on this epic struggle, please read Brian Beutler's article on the Talking Points Memo website by following this link: 

Mr. Beutler's article has a link to the actual brief for those of you interested in court filings. 

The case is due to be argued in Spring 2012 and a decision expected by the end of this Supreme Court term.  Happy Reading!

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